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How Does Gambling In Belgium Work Specifically? And What Are The Steps You Need To Take When Playing Online?

As an online casino in Belgium, you must obtain a license from the Belgian Gaming Commission in order to be able to offer online games of chance. Websites that do this without a license are illegal and risk heavy fines. The Gaming Commission tries to combat this proliferation of illegal casinos by blocking them from […]

How To Gamble Online? And What Technology Do You Need To Be Successfull At The Moment?

Online gambling has never been easier! Just take your laptop, smartphone or tablet and surf to one of these casinos and you can start playing right away. No need to download and install anything, no complex add-ons required. No, nowadays you can do it all online from your browser. Of course, you have to register […]

What Are The Best Casino’s In Belgium, And What Is The Technology That Casino’s Use At The Moment?

The casinos in Belgium are among the best in the world! From our neighbouring countries, but also from the rest of the world, people come to the casinos in Belgium to take a gamble. Here at our website you’ll find everything you need to know about Belgian casinos! How many slots do they have? Does […]

Sports Betting Finally Expands As London And Belgium Casino Bill Becomes Law In Both Countries

The Belgian Gaming Commission is responsible for regulating and controlling the online casino belgie world, both online and offline. They also serve as an advisory body vis-à-vis the government and parliament, which can vote the necessary laws on the basis of this advice. But what exactly does this mean and what does this gaming commission do exactly? We can split their tasks into 3 categories:

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