How Does Gambling In Belgium Work Specifically? And What Are The Steps You Need To Take When Playing Online?

As an online casino in Belgium, you must obtain a license from the Belgian Gaming Commission in order to be able to offer online games of chance. Websites that do this without a license are illegal and risk heavy fines. The Gaming Commission tries to combat this proliferation of illegal casinos by blocking them from the Internet Service Provider. For this purpose, they draw up a blacklist of illegal casinos. As a player, you also risk heavy fines when you play on such illegal websites. So make sure you always play at legal casinos and amusement arcades!

How do you recognize an illegal casino?

A first big indicator is the domain name of the website: If you surf to a .com casino, it’s very simple because these are all illegal. One of the requirements to obtain a license is to use a .be domain name. So you can already exclude a lot of them.

If you do end up at a .be casino, then it’s just a matter of looking in our overview to see if they are listed. Here at our website you will only find websites that are 100% legal and have obtained their license from the Belgian Gaming Commission.

What is the difference between a casino and a gaming hall?

The Belgian Gaming Commission manages the licenses for online gaming providers in 3 different categories. These are the A+ licenses for online casinos, the B+ licenses for online arcades and the

  1. F+ licenses for online sports betting.
  2. A+ Licenses: Online casinos must always be linked to a land based casino in Belgium. So you can never have online casinos as land based casinos again and there are currently 9 of them. With this license you are allowed to offer all casino games and organize live casinos with real croupiers and dealers. Bingo and poker websites also need this license.
  3. B+ Licenses: The online arcades must also be connected to a physical counterpart, of which there are currently 150 to 180 in Belgium. The B+ license imposes certain restrictions with respect to the A+ license. For example, they are not allowed to offer video slots or slot machines and possible bets and winnings will be limited. No croupiers or dealers may be used. In this category the dice games and dice slots are very popular and frequently present.
  4. F+ Licenses: This license is for the providers of online sports betting. They are allowed to offer bets on sports events and sports games.

Frequently asked questions

Are online casinos legal?

Yes, but watch where you play! In Belgium, online casinos must obtain a license from the Belgian Gaming Commission, so please check carefully whether the gambling site has such a license. Read more here…

How do you recognize an illegal casino?

It is your own responsibility to check if an online casino has a Belgian license. There are some tips & tricks you can use for this. Read more here…

Can I get a fine for playing at an illegal casino?

Yes, absolutely! As a player you are also responsible and are expected to check if the gambling site has the necessary Belgian license(s). So if you play at an illegal online casino, you risk a hefty fine. Read more here…

What is the difference between a casino and an arcade?

There are a number of differences: for example, you have a difference in the games on offer, the maximum bets/winnings are different and everything has to be automated at the arcade. Read more here…

Can you also play on your mobile?

Most online casinos have now made the switch to a mobile friendly site. Some even developed their own app. Read more here…

What is the minimum age for online casinos?

In Belgium, you must be at least 21 years old to play at online casinos. You will need to prove this when confirming your account by submitting a copy of your identity card. Read more here…


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