Dr. Koski originally planned to become a biologist. But computer science seduced her and opened up a whole new world. As much as she loves the discipline itself, she discovered that teaching technology and computer science to primary school students and their teachers is her true calling. Her thoughts about education and her teaching style are heavily influenced by her experience as a computer science teacher in Finland. She later took that experience and applied it during her Ph.D studies at TU Delft where she focused on how to teach science and technology effectively to primary school students and improve the professional development of teachers.

She’s excited to be leading Stichting NewTechKids’ efforts to develop new ways to teach children about computer science and technology. It’s not about teaching kids how to code or use gadgets, software and apps. It’s not about using iPads in schools. Her focus is to teach children and their teachers the fundamentals of technology so they can apply them in all kinds of ways while thinking about the ‘how’ and ‘why’. Most importantly, she works to encourage students and their teachers to translate abstract concepts into their own inventions in a way which makes them eager to learn.