Calling all trailblazer teachers! Apply here. Do you want to join a community of primary school teachers from Dutch and international primary schools who will be among the first in the Netherlands to introduce computer science and computational thinking lessons in their schools? Stichting NewTechKids is offering a select group of teachers the opportunity to attend a FREE teacher training program. (Normal price: 2000 euro plus 21% BTW per teacher.) Designed for teachers who have

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Computer science (CS) education is more established at the high school level, with many countries in Europe such as the United Kingdom and Finland offering it as a mandatory subject. Primary school is a whole different matter. Thankfully, momentum is picking up and schools, teachers, computer science advocacy groups, non-profits, higher education institutes, technology companies and governments are supporting efforts to integrate computer science into primary school curriculum. Stichting NewTechKids was delighted to be commissioned

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Stichting NewTechKids has published a report about our experiences teaching computer science and technological literacy programs to primary school-aged children in Amsterdam Southeast. Read the complete report here. Amsterdam Southeast is a largely low-income, minority community. We describe the children we taught as 'Rising Technologists' because we believe that with opportunity and access to computer science education, they have the potential to become future technologists and leaders who can help their communities. Thanks to a Google

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Stichting NewTechKids has begun teaching its second round of 21st Century Skills Clubs in Amsterdam Southeast. From May - July 2017, we'll be teaching two, after-school Clubs focused on computer science and technological literacy to children ages 10-12. Children will participate in free, ‘Introduction to Computer Science’ programs at two local schools, Morgenster and the Blauwe Lijn, which have a large number of students from low income, minority communities. The program at Morgenster School is 50% girls

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One of the great things about computer science education is that it's new and constantly evolving. There's lots of room for new pedagogy, teaching approaches, and content. Stichting NewTechKids has launched 'Computer Science Live', a series of teaching collaborations aimed at bringing the latest knowledge and inspiring case studies from the technology industry to primary school students. We're doing this by co-creating lessons with technology companies and bringing their experts into our classrooms to teach alongside our

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