Stichting NewTechKids is pleased to announce that it is developing the first of a series of online teacher training courses aimed at helping primary school teachers introduce computer science, technological literacy and computational thinking to students ages 7-9. We are doing this to help schools and teachers provide students with 21st century skills and prepare them to study, work and function as citizens in a world of rapid and constant technological development. We believe that

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see Een oproep aan alle baanbrekende docenten! Vraag hier deelname aan! (Information in English.) Wil jij deel uitmaken van een groep leraren op (Nederlands en internationale) basisscholen die als eersten in Nederland lessen over computerwetenschappen en ‘computational thinking’ geven? Lees dan snel verder, want Stichting NewTechKids (stichting partner van NewTechKids) biedt een selecte groep docenten de zeldzame kans om GRATIS een trainingsprogramma, ter waarde van ruim 2.000 Euro, te volgen. Het programma is speciaal ontwikkeld voor Read more 1

go to link Stichting NewTechKids is pleased to announce that Google has awarded us with a grant to organize computer science and coding activities in Amsterdam Southeast during this year's EU Code Week (October 7-22, 2017). Specifically, we will organize a 'Rising Technologists Coding Road Show' in Amsterdam Southeast, a predominantly low-income, minority community. Rising Technologists is the term we use to describe kids in these communities who have the potential to become future technologists if they receive

Read more 0 Stichting NewTechKids has published a report about our experiences teaching computer science and technological literacy programs to primary school-aged children in Amsterdam Southeast. Read the complete report here. Amsterdam Southeast is a largely low-income, minority community. We describe the children we taught as 'Rising Technologists' because we believe that with opportunity and access to computer science education, they have the potential to become future technologists and leaders who can help their communities. Thanks to a Google

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see We at Stichting NewTechKids savour the challenge of teaching kids computational thinking through computer science and technological literacy education. Different kids have different learning styles. Our focus is taking that knowledge and developing new pedagogies, didactics and teaching approaches as well as curriculum and lessons. Our Google RISE-supported 21st Century Skills Clubs in Amsterdam Southeast are important research and development environments for us.  Our classes are 50% girls, 50% boys with the kids coming from mostly

Read more 0 On Monday, Stichting NewTechKids (NewTechKids Foundation) will launch the first of its Google RISE-supported, after-school computer science education programs in Amsterdam Southeast. The RISE Awards support and connect not-for-profit organizations around the world which promote computer science (CS) to primary and secondary school students, with a focus on girls, minorities who are historically underrepresented in the field, and youth from low-income communities. Stichting NewTechKids is using the Award to develop and launch a series of

Read more 0 Stichting NewTechKids has developed a new curriculum module focused on teaching  kids ages 10-14 the thinking and logic behind Artificial Intelligence (AI). This week, we're partnering with the Amsterdam Municipal Library and NewTechKids, a company which organises computer science programs during and after school, to test five, AI-related lessons during a special Fall school vacation bootcamp. From online gaming and Apple's Siri to self-driving cars and customer service chatbots, AI is all around us. Machine learning is driving

Read more 0 erfahrung binären optionen R2D2, Wall-E, Transformers, Skynet, Halo. Most kids know about artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of gaming and movies. But it’s already present in other aspects of everyday life, including self-driving cars and semi-autonomous robots. Microsoft has even recently announced that it wants to eradicate cancer using AI. Stichting NewTechKids is developing a new curriculum module for 10-12 year olds aimed at giving kids a basic understanding of artificial intelligence: what it is, how it

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see url S.r.l. - 1, Via Grota Del Diau Zot - Monfalcone - GO - Esportatori ed importatori - Leggi le recensioni degli utenti In early July 2016, Stichting NewTechKids launched the beginning of what we hope will be a beautiful initiative: Computer Science (CS) Live. CS Live is a series of co-creation partnerships with technology companies. Stichting NewTechKids works closely with technology teams in these companies to develop computer science curriculum and lesson plans for primary school students. Our goal is not to promote companies or specific technology solutions. Instead, we will use real-life technology solutions in different

Read more 0 الخيارات الثنائية التفاح استراتيجية We're thrilled to announce the debut of Stichting NewTechKids (the NewTechKids Foundation). Stichting NewTechKids will focus on developing, testing and improving computer science curriculum, lesson plans and teaching materials as well as designing effective teacher training programs. Rather than coding or technical skills, our work will focus on providing children fthe ability to understand technology: how it works, why it works and how to think in order to create technology solutions. Our goal is to help kids develop

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