Stichting NewTechKids has published a report about our experiences teaching computer science and technological literacy programs to primary school-aged children in Amsterdam Southeast. Read the complete report here. Amsterdam Southeast is a largely low-income, minority community. We describe the children we taught as 'Rising Technologists' because we believe that with opportunity and access to computer science education, they have the potential to become future technologists and leaders who can help their communities. Thanks to a Google

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We are used to teaching kids from middle and upper class backgrounds. Children who live in areas with access to coding club and whose parents can pay for after-school computer science lessons. Children who attend the best schools in the centre of Amsterdam. Children who are in ‘gifted’ programs. Children whose homes are full of the latest technological devices and STEM-related toys. Children whose parents earn high salaries because they work in technology fields. Thanks


One of the great things about computer science education is that it's new and constantly evolving. There's lots of room for new pedagogy, teaching approaches, and content. Stichting NewTechKids has launched 'Computer Science Live', a series of teaching collaborations aimed at bringing the latest knowledge and inspiring case studies from the technology industry to primary school students. We're doing this by co-creating lessons with technology companies and bringing their experts into our classrooms to teach alongside our

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