Stichting NewTechKids is pleased to announce that it is one of 28 organizations in 16 countries which has received a 2016 Google RISE Award.

The announcement comes  during Computer Science Education Week 2016 (December 5 – 11), an annual program which inspires K-12 students around the world to take interest in computer science.

The RISE Awards support and connect not-for-profit organizations around the world which promote computer science (CS) to primary and secondary school students, with a focus on girls, minorities who are historically underrepresented in the field, and youth from low-income communities.

Stichting NewTechKids will use the Award to develop and launch a series of 21st Century Skills Clubs in Amsterdam Southeast. We will partner with Projectenbureau Primair Onderwijs Zuidoost (PPOZO), an organization which coordinates after-school activities for primary school students in Amsterdam Southeast. PPOZO works with 10 school boards representing 29 schools in the area and 7017 students.

Our 21st Century Skills Clubs will provide local primary school aged children (7-12 years) with access to free after-school, computer science education programs. The Clubs will offer programs which teach children topics such as computational thinking, algorithmic thinking, programming, systems thinking and technological literacy.

Stichting NewTechKids, PPOZO and the local schools involved in this project hope that the Clubs will engage students with technology education and help improve the learning outcomes of participating students.

This project is needed to ensure that children from minority and low-income households in Amsterdam Southeast have access to quality computer science education that they would normally not receive due to a lack of funding, qualified teachers and the availability of programs with curriculum and lessons developed by professional teachers.

Dr. Marja-Ilona Koski, Stichting NewTechKids’ Head of Research and Development, will lead the development of the curriculum for the Clubs in Amsterdam Southeast. She was recently featured in a report on computational thinking in Dutch education produced by Kennisnet, a leading organization which produces research and advises the Dutch government and the education sector on education and ICT.

The goal of the project is to provide local children with access to computer science programs to spark an early and enduring interest in technology which may result in continued interest and even future study and career paths.

Deborah Carter, Stichting NewTechKids’ Director of Fundraising and Strategic Partnerships: “As a woman and a minority, I understand how important exposure to quality education is, particularly from an early age. Stichting NewTechKids looks forward to helping children in Amsterdam Southeast discover the wonderful world of computer science. Exposure and discovery are powerful forces for change.”

A big thank you to the Google RISE team for supporting our efforts to introduce and expand computer science education in Amsterdam!

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