This week was eventful, with Stichting NewTechKids successfully kicking off our new after-school computer science bootcamps for primary school children in Amsterdam Southeast. The bootcamps are funded via the Google RISE Award which we were given last month by Google.

We’ll be teaching two ‘Introduction to Computer Science’ bootcamps for children ages 7-9 at two local schools which have a large number of students representing minority communities. These students come from families which cannot afford to pay for these kinds of bootcamps. We’re pleased to report that each bootcamp has 50% girls and 50% boys.

The theme of this week’s classes was ‘Systems Thinking’. We taught kids about computers: what they are, what they do, what their main parts and how these work together. Kids ripped apart old computers to identify the main parts.

For many kids, it was the first time they thought about what’s inside a computer vs. what they can do with them. It was also a revelation for them to learn that computers aren’t just laptops, desktops and mobile phones and that they are embedded in all kinds of things we use in everyday life.

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