Stichting NewTechKids is pleased to announce that it is developing the first of a series of online teacher training courses aimed at helping primary school teachers introduce computer science, technological literacy and computational thinking to students ages 7-9.

We are doing this to help schools and teachers provide students with 21st century skills and prepare them to study, work and function as citizens in a world of rapid and constant technological development. We believe that as soon as they start school, children should learn about fundamental computer science concepts and the logic behind technology, how to think in order to solve problems and create technological solutions, and the ethics and implications of the technology around us.

Our new course will provide teachers with computer science theory and description of key concepts, pedagogy, teaching approaches and classroom management strategies. The course will also feature lessons and teaching materials developed, tested and taught previously by Stichting NewTechKids.

The new course will launch in mid-January 2018 but will not be publicly available. Instead, it will be tested privately as an integral part of Stichting NewTechKids’ in-class teacher training bootcamp which runs from January until March 2018 in Amsterdam. During this bootcamp, primary school teachers from international schools and Dutch primary schools will attend in-class sessions and receive hands on teacher training led by Dr. Marja-Ilona Koski, Stichting NewTechKids’ Lead Teacher Training and Head of Research and Development. They will use the online course to supplement their training.

According to Dr. Koski, “Schools and teachers across the world understand that they need to educate children about technology, how it works, and how to create new technology solutions. The problem is a lack of subject matter expertise at the primary school level, teacher training, and curriculum and teaching resources. By launching our new series, Stichting NewTechKids is leveraging its expertise and sharing it in a way that helps teachers immediately start introducing computer science to their students.”

Development of this online course has been made possible by a grant from Google Europe which supports a variety of computer science education initiatives across Europe. Google Europe has supported several Stichting NewTechKids projects, including the Google RISE computer science bootcamps and EU Code Week 2017 workshops in Amsterdam Southeast, a largely minority and low-income community.

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