Stichting NewTechKids is pleased to announce that Google has awarded us with a grant to organize computer science and coding activities in Amsterdam Southeast during this year’s EU Code Week (October 7-22, 2017).

Specifically, we will organize a ‘Rising Technologists Coding Road Show’ in Amsterdam Southeast, a predominantly low-income, minority community. Rising Technologists is the term we use to describe kids in these communities who have the potential to become future technologists if they receive engaging computer science and coding education.

During the Road Show, we will teach a series of ‘Discover Coding’ lessons focused on introducing coding and computer science concepts to students ages 4-12 in local primary schools, either during school or as after-school activities.

By focusing on local primary schools, we hope to raise awareness of the importance of introducing computer science and coding as part of school curriculum beginning at an early age. We will invite classroom teachers to serve as our teaching assistants during these lessons to inspire them and show them that they can teach basic coding concepts with little or no previous teaching experience.

Preference will be given to schools which do not or have not offered coding or computer science activities to their students.

This initiative is a continuation of Stichting NewTechKids’ collaboration with schools and organisations in Amsterdam Southeast. We are partnering with Projectenbureau Primair Onderwijs Zuidoost (PPOZO), an organization which coordinates after-school activities for primary school students in Amsterdam Southeast to coordinate school recruitment and logistics. PPOZO works with 10 school boards representing 29 schools in the area and 7017 students.

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