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Stichting NewTechKids is pleased to share our latest report based on the computer science teacher training program we organized from January – April 2018 in Amsterdam.

Twenty-seven primary school teachers from across the Netherlands participated in the 5-session training program.

Our program provided teachers with a foundation to understand computer science, technological literacy and computational thinking and why they should be taught at the primary education level. As part of the program, the teachers integrated computer science into their class curriculum by teaching four lessons based on core computer science concepts (and involving no computers or technology) to their students.

The report covers everything from the teachers’ understanding of what computer science  is (many had no clue), their mindset about learning this new subject (many were scared but confident they could learn to teach it) and the reaction of their students (overwhelmingly positive and engaged).

Some key stats:

– 27 teachers from across the Netherlands
– 650 primary school students taught
– 58% from international schools, 42% from Dutch schools
– average of 40 hours spent on teacher training program
– 93% classroom teachers, 7% technology specialist teachers
– 85% female teachers, 15% male teachers
– 93% no previous teaching experience in technology, coding or IT
– 100% reported no differences in the capabilities to learn computer science between girls and boys

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