Stichting NewTechKids (NewTechKids Foundation) is pleased to announce that primary school teachers around the world can now register for our free-of-charge, online computer science course on Share to Teach, our online teacher training platform.

Register here!

This five-session course, ‘Teaching Systems Thinking and Technology Systems’, is designed for primary school teachers who teach students ages four to 12. The course will be begin on March 19, 2018 and course material will be gradually released online until May 15, 2018. All course material will be  in English.

Course Topics

The course will cover the following topics:

Session #1: Introduction to Systems Thinking and Technology Systems

Session #2: Computers as Technology Systems

Session #3: The Design of Technology Systems

Session #4: How Technology Systems Communicate: Part 1

Session #5: How Technology Systems Communicate: Part 2

Training Content and Approach

Each online session will provide teachers with computer science theory oriented towards primary education, expert teaching advice provided by Stichting NewTechKids (NewTechKids Foundation),  and a framework for developing their own lessons and teaching resources.

The sessions have been designed for primary school teachers around the world who are teaching in a variety of conditions. Participating teachers do not need any special technology tools and can develop lessons based on games and the usage of readily-available materials such as pen and paper, arts and craft supplies, and old technology devices.

Our Mission

We believe that primary school teachers will play a key role in preparing students for a world of rapid and constant technological development, future study and work opportunities, and active digital citizenship.

We are actively helping teachers introduce computer science, technological literacy and computational thinking to their students in the hope that these become part of formal school curriculum, on par with reading, writing and math.

We launched Share to Teach to accelerate the introduction of computer science education at the primary school level. Since January, primary school teachers in the Netherlands have been introducing computer science lessons to their students via our first course ‘Introducing Computer Science in Primary Education’.

Register for this course here.  Only primary school teachers are eligible to participate and will be notified by email when course materials are published online.


  • Aung Min

    I’m not a formal education teacher but summerschool behaviour change teacher for physical and ethical development of primary to pre uni students. I’m preparing a course on ”Method of teaching ‘METTA, LOVE’ and COMPASSION “. I request for registration .

    • newtechkids123

      Hi Aung Min, this course is strictly for primary school teachers from legally-registered primary schools around the world. Unfortunately, this means that since you are not a primary school teacher, you are ineligible to access the course.

  • Michelle Corrales

    When will the material for the Online course be released? Or where should I look for it on the web page?

    • newtechkids123

      Hi Michelle, we will upload the first session of the course next week. You will be informed by email when the first material is published online.

    • newtechkids123

      Hi Michelle:

      Thanks for your message.

      We are finalizing the content and waiting for our graphic designer to make a few small changes. You will receive an email informing you that the content is available, most likely tomorrow.

      Thanks for your patience.

  • appll agathe

    excellent work done by teaching free online thinking on system thinking and technology system.


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