Stichting NewTechKids has developed a new curriculum module focused on teaching  kids ages 10-14 the thinking and logic behind Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This week, we’re partnering with the Amsterdam Municipal Library and NewTechKids, a company which organises computer science programs during and after school, to test five, AI-related lessons during a special Fall school vacation bootcamp.

From online gaming and Apple’s Siri to self-driving cars and customer service chatbots, AI is all around us. Machine learning is driving an increase in automation and robots are replacing humans to perform a variety of tasks.

Stichting NewTechKids’ lessons teach students what AI is, how it works, how it’s being used in different industries, and the pros and cons of this technology. We answer questions such as ‘What is machine intelligence? Can we control it? Should we be afraid of it or can it be used for good?’

Our lessons explore AI through computer science themes such as machine learning, algorithms, programming, automation and robots. Lessons include games, pen and paper activities, and designing and programming with LEGO Mindstorms. For example, we’re teaching kids how to create algorithms as rules to play board games and use if-else statements to expose them to the logic behind AI.

Stichting NewTechKids plans to integrate these AI lessons into our programs for students in the oldest grades of primary school.

Here’s a video of NewTechKids’ teacher explaining the lesson.


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