How girls learn computer science 2

Stichting NewTechKids believes that one of the ways to solve the gender divide in technology education is to teach computer science in primary school classrooms. Teachers and schools can play a key role in exposing children early to computer science: coding and programming, computational thinking, algorithmic thinking, systems thinking and technology literacy. They can also celebrate and integrate the learning styles of both girls and boys in mixed-gender classrooms.

We’re partnering with NewTechKids, our commercial counterpart, to compile an  in-depth research on how to improve the way we teach girls in primary school computer science.

The report will be based on a recently-completed computer science bootcamp for 7-9 year olds taught by NewTechKids in Amsterdam. The bootcamp was extra special because for the first time in NewTechKids’ history, there were more girls in the class than boys.

The research report will be published in May 2016 and include:

– observations about girls’ participation during the 10 classes
– strategies to attract more girls to computer science education programs;
providing girls and boys with positive and engaging learning experiences; and
– tips to encourage girls to continue pursuing computer science and programming through education and extra-curricular activities.