CS Live

Stichting NewTechKids has launched Computer Science Live, a new series of teaching collaborations with technology companies aimed at teaching computer science and computational thinking in the context of knowledge and inspiring case studies from the technology industry. We co-create program modules and lessons with technology companies and invite their experts into our classrooms to teach along with our own teachers.

Our teachers are well-versed in computer science and computational thinking at the primary school level. This guarantees that all of Stichting NewTechKids’ teaching collaborations reflect our focus on teaching fundamental computer science concepts and helping students develop 21st century skills.

Computer Science Live: FairPhone

    The Software Lead at FairPhone, a social enterprise that is building a movement for fairer electronics, helped us teach our students about fair electronics, ethical supply chains and production, and modular design.

Computer Science Live: Quby

    Developers from Quby, a smart energy company behind the Toon smart thermostat helped us teach our students about systems thinking, hardware and the concept of feedback.