Stichting NewTechKids is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Google to establish a community of school leaders from Dutch and international primary schools in the Netherlands. The community will focus on introducing and expanding education around technological innovation, computer science and digital literacy in school curriculum.

According to Google, “Research has shown that systemic, lasting changes to computer science education occur when educators are part of a larger community of learners that encourages, inspires and mentors their efforts. This is why Google supports organizations to build CS-discipline based national or regional-level educator communities of practice, such as (Romania), (Ireland) and La main à la pâte (France). Today, we are excited to announce that we are bringing this initiative into The Netherlands. After carefully reviewing several strong applications we have selected Stichting NewTechKids to receive funding to seed a community of practice for CS school leaders.”

School leaders will include principals and directors, heads of ICT and technology education at individual schools, and school board representatives responsible for technology education policy.

The main activity of this initiative is the development of a new change management course which help school leaders acquire the management skills needed to expand digital technology education in school curriculum. The course will be taught twice in Amsterdam in early 2019 to a group of carefully-chosen school leaders.

Read more and register for the January 2019 course.
Application deadline: December 28, 2018. 40 spots available.

Stichting NewTechKids will also organize a special workshop for Dutch and international school leaders during the ‘Brave New Learning’ conference in February 2019 which is being organised by the Amsterdam Public Library in partnership with the European Learning Industry Group (ELIG).

We are pleased to confirm the following event partners, with more slated to come on board:

We are pleased to confirm the following media partners, with more slated to come on board:

  • PrimaOnderwijs (magazine and online edition)
  • Computers op School (magazine and online edition)

Since 2016, Stichting NewTechKids has collaborated with Google to bring technological innovation and computer science education to primary schools in the Netherlands. Our Google-supported initiatives have included the ‘Rising Technologists’ computer science programs taught in primary schools in low-income communities in Amsterdam Southeast in 2017, EU Code Week 2017, and the launch of Share to Teach, our online teacher training platform launched in early 2018.

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