It’s a wrap!

For the last two weeks, Stichting NewTechKids’ teaching team has been celebrating EU Code Week 2018 by teaching programming-related lessons to primary school students in Amsterdam Southeast, a predominantly low-income area.

Since Fall 2016, Stichting NewTechKids has been teaching programs in this area which focus on teaching students ages four to 12 computer science, computational thinking and the ability to evaluate and assess technology.

During our EU Code Week 2018 Road Show, we visited 10 different schools, ranging from Montessori to Christian and Islamic, where students aren’t regularly exposed to computer science or any technology-related education. In the process, we reached:
– more than 500 students
– 15 teachers
– 10 principals
– and countless parents who heard about the coding lessons from their children

Why should we care about initiatives like this?

We live in a world where equal opportunity and access to technology-related education should be a serious priority. In the future, all kids, not only those in affluent areas, will need specific knowledge, skills and thinking patterns to be able to participate in the technological innovation economy.

To give all kids a fair shot at acquiring these, we need to start developing structural solutions which bring computer science and technological innovation education to all kids, beginning when they start primary school while also preparing their teachers to deliver this type of education.

We may never know but we truly hope that our EU Code Week lessons planted seeds of curiosity and imagination in the students we taught. We call them ‘Rising Technologists’ because with the proper education and exposure to designing, building and programming, these kids have the potential to become technologists.

A very special thank you to Flow Traders BV and Het Projectenbureau Primair Onderwijs Zuidoost (PPOZO) who provided the financial support that made our Road Show possible.

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