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Application deadline: December 28, 2018. 40 spots available.

Informatie in het Nederlands.

Stichting NewTechKids is inviting school leaders from across the Netherlands to apply for a spot in our January 2019 course called Planning Digital Technology Education in Primary School’.

The course is designed for primary school leaders who want to develop a broad vision for digital technology education and to cultivate the management skills required to integrate technological innovation, computer science and digital literacy into existing school curriculum.

Primary school leaders include:
– principals
– heads of ICT and technology education at individual schools
– school board representatives responsible for technology education policy.

The course is being offered free-of-charge and will be taught in January 2019. (Normal price: 3500 euro plus VAT per attendee.)

School leaders representing Dutch and international primary schools are invited to apply.

This course will be taught in English so school leaders who apply must be able to understand, speak and read basic English.The online assignment can be submitted in Dutch.

Time Commitment: It is estimated that the time commitment required for this course is approx. 10 hours over a four-week period, excluding travel to and from Amsterdam.


This management course will consist of three (3) in-class sessions held at the Amsterdam Public Library in January 2019. In addition to attending these sessions, participating school leaders are required to complete an online assignment focused on helping them develop an action plan for their school or organization.

Stichting NewTechKids will grant a certificate of completion to every school leader who attends all three sessions and completes an action plan.

Dates and Times: January 16, 23 and 30, 2019, each session runs from 10:00 – 12:00

Location: The three in-class sessions will take place at the Amsterdam Public Library, Oosterdokskade 143, Amsterdam (five-minute walk from Amsterdam’s Centraal Station)

Session #1: Understanding Why and How Technological Innovation, Computer Science and Programming Fit Into Existing Curriculum and How These Subjects Should Be Taught in Primary School

During this session, school leaders will explore why primary schools should integrate technological innovation, computer science and programming into their school curriculum. Stichting NewTechKids trainers will share a pedagogical framework and teaching approaches which are most effective when teaching these topics to primary school students. Lastly, we’ll brainstorm different ways to integrate these topics into existing school curriculum, using research and case studies from around the world.

Session #2: Developing Your Teaching Team with Training, Curriculum and Lessons, and Appropriate Teaching Tools

During this session, school leaders will develop a game plan for ramping up the teaching of technological innovation and computer science at their schools. Topics covered will include:
– selecting and training your teaching team
– setting up teaching and co-teaching structures
– identifying professional development and training opportunities
– sourcing appropriate curriculum and lessons
– choosing effective teaching tools and resources

Session #3: Planning and Budgeting

During this session, school leaders will dive into planning and budgeting. Stichting NewTechKids’ trainers will help schools develop a timeline for near, medium and long-term roll-out as well as a preliminary budget which covers professional development and teacher training, curriculum and lessons, and teaching tools and supplies.

Course Requirements

Participating school leaders must commit to:
1) attending all three training sessions at the Amsterdam Municipal Library;
2) sharing feedback and ideas during the training sessions and on the Share to Teach online training platform;
3) developing an action plan for their school or organization by filling out an online form after each training session (can be filled out in English or Dutch).


A limited number of spots are available.

Selected participants are required to make a deposit of 200 euro which will be returned on condition that they attend all three sessions and complete their action plan.

Preference will be given to:
– school leaders from schools or organizations where at least two people apply to encourage peer support and collaboration; and
– school leaders from schools in disadvantaged communities eg. Amsterdam Southeast.

School leaders who are chosen to participate in the courses will be informed on a rolling basis, from now until the start of the courses.

Read more and register for the January 2019 course.
Application deadline: December 28, 2018.

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