Last Friday, Stichting NewTechKids was fortunate to participate in an all-day Scrum training workshop given by Dion Nicolaas, a TomTom Expert Software Engineer. TomTom is one of the Netherlands’ best-known technology companies which specialises in navigation and location-based services.

Scrum is a framework for agile software development which is used widely at TomTom and many other technology companies. It provides software teams with a structured work process which helps them collaborate and complete specific technology development activities.

Our goal was not to become certified Scrum practitioners or turn our students or teacher trainees into Scrum experts. What we like about Scrum is that it’s a source of inspiration which gives us new ideas.

For primary school students, frameworks like Scrum provide insight on assigning roles, encouraging students to effectively work in teams, and empowering students to structure and monitor their own learning processes.

For teachers, Scrum provides ideas for new ways of teaching, guiding and observing students which is distinctly 21st century.

A big ‘thank you’ to TomTom for the experience!



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